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A Peaceful Newborn Session at the Home of Baby Oliver | Andersonville, Chicago, IL

We visited baby Oliver a week after he was born at his lovely home in Andersonville. His parents, Michele and Grahame, were excited for us to capture fresh moments with their newborn.  When we arrived, Michele was feeding Oliver and told us stories of the day he was born. It was exciting to hear about detailed events of that day from when her water broke to when Oliver came into this world.  We observed Oliver as he drank milk and we couldn’t help but say “awww” every time he hiccuped or burped.  What a sweetheart!

Oliver was wide awake when we started taking photos of him but as soon as he was swaddled, the cute little yawns started coming.  When we put him in one of our super cozy  blankets (so cozy, we each want one for ourselves!), he smiled for the camera and immediately went to sleep.

How cute are those tiny moccasins?! The blocks represent the Rush Family initials and the lamp above was made by Grahame. He also made those adorable animal illustrations for Oliver’s room. This is going to be one talented baby!

Oliver has two older siblings, Will and Annabel, and we can already tell he will be in good hands as these two were so careful and playful with him.  We were glad they were able to join in on the fun!

Oliver went through many outfit changes and he had so much fun that he was exhausted by the end of the session.  We tried to get him to read some Dr Seuss books for us but it may have been asking too much from a one-week old!  We had a great time spending the day with the Rush family and we are so happy to capture some sweet moments of baby Oliver. We can’t wait to see how big he’s grown since! See you next time, Oliver! Sweet dreams!








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