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Hey Jude! A Newborn Baby’s First Photo Session! | Chicago, IL

One of our proudest moments is when we hear the news that our wedding clients’ families have started to grow!  When they ask us to photograph their new bundle of joy, you can only imagine how excited we are to not only meet the new little one, but to also continue to capture their love story as a family.

A few years ago, Marjorie and Pedro’s wedding was one of our very first we photographed as K+B Photography, so they definitely hold a special place in our hearts. Their wedding was also one of the most thought out, detail oriented and quirky weddings we’ve ever photographed.  Every detail was a direct reflection of their personalities and we really loved how they let those aspects shine through into their wedding day.  They are both engineers and they incorporated elements from the periodic table as their table numbers, mini scientist figurines were used as their escort cards, and their wedding cake was actually shaped like a robot, silver frosting and all!  We even spotted some of the decor from their wedding at their house when we visited for the session!

Fast forward to today and Marjorie and Pedro’s family has now grown!  We were so so excited to hear the news and to have the opportunity to photograph their precious son, Jude!  When we walked into his nursery the day of his very first photo session, we were excited to see that Jude’s room was the most detail oriented nursery we had ever seen.  We also were not surprised one bit to see each and every adorable toy, pillow and book that surrounded the room was as adorable as the next.  The nursery also completely reflected the personality of Marjorie and Pedro and it couldn’t have been a more perfect space to photograph Jude for the first time.  Not going to lie, we also wanted to stop and look at every single toy in the room too!  You’ll see among the photos of Jude, we had to sneak in some detail shots too!

When we arrived and meet Jude, he had been fed and was ready to for his big debut!  At the day of his shoot he was a little over 3 months old.  He was a lot of fun and was able to sit up with help, was super animated, yet like most of our littlest clients he would get tired from time to time and close his eyes for the cutest sleeping photos.  The session was just so entertaining that we couldn’t stop laughing the entire time.  Marjorie had planned out some super adorable outfits for Jude and with each one we would have to ooo and ahh over it for a few minutes before we could start photographing him in the outfit.

The first outfit was like a little man, complete with suspenders and a bow tie. He looked very charming in it.  In a few years we can see him becoming a pro model considering how well he rocked the “no smile” thing and those intense stares.  lol  

Just when we thought this outfit couldn’t get any cuter, Jude became extra studious with this fashionable glasses.  At first he wasn’t so sure about them, but once he got the hang of them, he was able to loosen up and have some fun…or maybe he just became a mad scientist! 😉

I mean, check out that wooden chemistry set and the Periodic Table backdrop!  Future chemist in the making??

Just when we thought we had seen it all, the next outfit was an astronaut costume.  Too cute!  Jude loved this costume, even with the helmet!  Perhaps he’s destined to be a real astronaut??

Before we wrapped up the session, Jude’s final outfit was a cute gold crown and matching The Little Prince t-shirt.  A corner of his nursery is dedicated to The Little Prince, so we knew it was fitting to photograph him near all of the decor.  We definitely think this little guy is a little prince, and it was such a fitting end do his session.  He also decided to rest his eyes for a bit and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

As you can tell, we had so much fun photographing Jude’s first photo shoot.  All of the details made it that much more special.  We think Jude did such a great job modeling for his first time and we can’t wait to watch him as he continues to grow over the years!








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