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DIY: How To Hang A Cute Plant | Chicago, IL

If you follow along with us on Instagram (and if you don’t already, you should!), you will remember one of our recent posts that I finally hung a cute plant that K gave me for my birthday in June.  Yes, it took nearly 2 months to do it.  Oops.  It’s been busy around here!  We had a few followers ask for a tutorial, and we always like to deliver what our readers ask for, so here we are!  A simple tutorial on how to hang a cute hanging plant!  

First, you will need a few supplies from your nearest hardware store.

You will need:

  • Cup hooks
  • An cordless drill
  • A drill bit that is a tiny bit smaller than the cup hook

Depending on how large your plant is, you may also need a wall anchor to help support the weight of the plant.  My plant is about 4″ in diameter and about 4″ deep, and the plant is pretty dainty so I was able to do without.

Once you have all of your supplies, you can begin by pre-drilling a hole for the cup hook.  This will make it easier to screw in the cup hooks.  You may be able to screw it in by hand too, but my walls are made out of a plaster material and pre-drilling helped make it that much easier.

The next step will be to screw in the cup hook, or if you want to also use a wall anchor, you would push it into the hole before you screw in the cup hook.

Once your hook is in, it’s time to hang the plant! Woo! 

And there ya have it, a plant that is ready for its big debut for the neighborhood to see out the window!  I hope your plant looks as cute as mine does in its new home!  

I’d love to see how your project turned out as well!  Send us pics, or tag us on instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest….whatever social media you’re in to!









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