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The Happiest Girl On The Planet! Julia’s 6th Month Portrait Session | Chicago, IL

A few weeks ago we shared one of our past wedding clients and their newborn baby, and today, we’re sharing another past clients’ baby!  We remembered from her parents’ engagement session how much they adored children, so we were so so excited to hear that their daughter, Julia, was about to turn 6 months old!   We couldn’t have been more excited to find the email in our inbox and to photograph the occasion.  Just look at that face! This little one might be the happiest baby we’ve ever photographed, and had so much fun getting to know her!  She might have been a tad bit shy when we first showed up to her house for the session, but Julia quickly warmed up to us once we brought out our crazy laughs and funny faces.  Yep, we’ve become those people.   But it works!  It really, really works to act like a crazy person in front of a child and we’re no longer ashamed to admit it!  Although a favorite toy works wonders as well.  As you can tell by the photos, Julia humored us for quite awhile, until she decided that the session just had to end.  Although, she did put on quite the smile show for an exceptionally long time.  Just looking at these photos we start to laugh all over again.  It was so sweet to witness how excited Julia can be.  She truly smiles with her entire body, and its hard not to smile just looking at her pull at the bottom of her jeans in excitement.

We also loved Julia’s nursery and her reading nook.  She even read us a few books while we photographed her and those candid moments are definitely some of our favorites.  But how cute is that red chair?  It looked so comfy and we loved the bright red pop of color in her light and airy room. 

For the end of the session, we decided to let Julia have a little more fun with one of her favorite bears that she received as a gift from her uncle.  We can tell that bear is one of her best friends and any time it became even a tad bit our of reach, she would become a little bit sad that it was no longer in her arms.  At the end of the session, a few tears were shed, but after hearing that her dad also has a similar photo of himself as a baby, we were pretty happy to have been able to capture those tears!  See, sometimes it is the outtakes that really are some of the most special and we love including those moments into the story!  

We can’t wait until our next session with Julia!  It’s always so crazy to see how fast kids grow.  We always hold the children of our past wedding clients dear to our hearts, as if they are family, simply because we feel honored to have been there to photograph the story from the beginning!  <3








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