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A Barbie Birthday Party at Mr. Dave | Chicago, IL

How adorable is that Barbie cake?!  It basically lives out all of my childhood dreams!  That being said, we recently photographed Poppy’s 3rd birthday party at Mr. Dave Music and it was all kinds of adorable! From the glittery “happy birthday, poppy” sign, to the cookies decorated with icing in the shape of donuts, cupcakes and silhouettes of barbie of them, and the pastel tableware, it was the perfect decor for the occasion.  We loved the clean, minimalistic design of Mr. Dave Music, and Mr. Dave himself made for the perfect way to celebrate a birthday party!

We’ve been photographing and watching Poppy grow since year 1 and we couldn’t have been more excited to hang out at her party and to see how much she had grown since the last celebration!  She’s a spunky, all smiles kind of gal, with a sweet little voice and just the right amount of attitude.  We could tell she was super excited to turn 3 as she would throw up 3 fingers whenever anyone asked how old she is.  We loved to see how excited she got whenever another friend showed up to join the party!  They would each get a huge hug which was followed by her taking their hand and pulling them over to the dance floor.  It was so cute to see them all having the time of their lives as Mr. Dave sang their favorite songs and instructed them to do crazy little moves to follow along with the songs.

Our favorite part of any party is always the cake!  It’s adorable to see how shy an otherwise outgoing child can get when they are front and center with a big fancy cake and friends and family singing their hearts out to them.  Perhaps its the bad singing? lol.  In Poppy’s case, maybe she was just way more interested in hanging out with the Barbie and blowing out the candle.  The high five at the end was definitely one of the highlights of the party for us!  The excitement on Poppy’s face that she successfully blew out that candle is pretty hard to top!

Happy birthday, Poppy!  We hope this year makes all of your dreams come true!








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