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Vendor Spotlight: Katherine Brown of Clover Events | Chicago Wedding Planner | Chicago, IL

One of the highlights of being a part of the wedding industry is the amazing people we have the opportunity to meet along the way.  From our amazing clients, to the fellow wedding industry pros, we feel so so lucky to be surrounded by the best of the best!  Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to meet Katherine Brown of Clover Events!  Clover Events a wedding planning company here in Chicago.  The craziest thing about our meeting with Katherine is that until we had actually met, we had been told by so many fellow vendors that we should meet each other because they knew we would get along so well.  It took several months to actually connect and actually meet each other, but we are so happy that we finally did meet!

Naturally, we met over a coffee and pastry and got to chatting.  We had the best time getting to know each other, talking shop, and learning about how we got started in the wedding industry.  Fast forward a few months, and on a super hot day this summer we hung out with Katherine again and she wow’ed us with her modeling skills.  She’s a complete natural in front of the camera, that’s for sure!

The most exciting part of this story is that today we are sharing some of our favorite tid bits about Katherine, how she got started as Clover Events and some of the key things that can help you if you are just getting started with your wedding planning!  So grab a fresh cup of coffee (and a pastry!) and sit back and enjoy our little Q&A with Katherine.  She’s a true entrepreneur, an amazing wedding planner and an all around great gal and we are so happy to have her on our blog today!

How did you start your career as a wedding planner?

In a way, out of necessity!  In 2008, I left my full-time association meeting planning job to become an independent meeting planner.  I had just finished planning my own wedding, didn’t have an office to go back to, and felt like I had fallen off of a cliff!  I wasn’t getting enough meeting planning work at the time and began searching for other freelance-type opportunities.  I ended up accepting an Event Manager position with a wedding planning firm in January 2009 and the rest is history!  I absolutely love planning weddings!

How long have you been a wedding planner? How long with Clover Events?  

I have been planning weddings for nearly 9 years, and I started Clover Events 3 years ago, in August 2014!

How did you decide on the name Clover Events?

I knew I wanted to give a nod to my heritage in some way and wanted to incorporate green (my favorite color), but I couldn’t quite put my finger on the perfect name.  We had just moved into a new house (a very old, new house) and I was just beginning to notice all the quirks and details that came with the house.  I was walking in the back door and happened to look down and lock eyes on a glass clover that was set in concrete on our stoop.  In the months we’d lived there, I swear I had never noticed it before!  Right then and there, it popped in my head: Clover Events!  It was simple, it was Irish and it was green – checked all the boxes.  I bounced it around for a couple days with my husband and a few close friends and it seemed the perfect fit.  I still love it!

What is your favorite part about being a wedding planner?

Oh, this is such a hard question – I love so many things about planning weddings!  I think my favorite part would have to be the quiet moments.  It’s such a whirlwind of a day, and I think it’s so important to take in those quiet moments – the moments when you can begin to grasp the importance of the event.  That could be between the couple, between a bride and her parents, or between a few close members of the wedding party.  These moments also make for some of my most favorite photos of my clients’ weddings!

In your opinion, what is the one detail that is a must have for all weddings?   

One of the things I always make sure to include in the wedding day timeline is the time when the reception space is set and ready and we get to sneak the couple in for a preview before we open doors to seat guests for dinner.  This is something that could so easily get overlooked, but I think it’s so special for the couple to get to see the room empty of people.  Also a great photo op!  This kind of goes back to my point about quiet moments.  Couples are so giddy about seeing the space in all its beauty!

If you could suggest just one thing to all the newly engaged couples out there as they begin to plan their wedding, what would it be (other than hire you as a wedding planner!)? 🙂

TALK ABOUT BUDGET!  I find so many clients shy away from this often difficult conversation, especially if they have to have it with their parents, but it’s so important.  Most of the stress in planning stems from budget challenges, and I think so much of this can be alleviated if that conversation is had right at the beginning of wedding planning.  I love getting to work on a budget with my clients!


Well there you have it!  Some honest tips from one of the best!  We hope you enjoyed today’s post as much as we enjoyed sharing it!

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