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There really is nothing more refreshing than photographing a newborn baby.  So new to the world, every movement they make is a brand new adventure for them.  No matter if they are peacefully asleep, trying to keep their tiny little eyes open or in tears over who knows what, it is pure entertainment to watch this […]

A few weeks ago we shared one of our past wedding clients and their newborn baby, and today, we’re sharing another past clients’ baby!  We remembered from her parents’ engagement session how much they adored children, so we were so so excited to hear that their daughter, Julia, was about to turn 6 months old! […]

One of our proudest moments is when we hear the news that our wedding clients’ families have started to grow!  When they ask us to photograph their new bundle of joy, you can only imagine how excited we are to not only meet the new little one, but to also continue to capture their love […]

A handsome little boy named Nash celebrated his first birthday with us last weekend and we couldn’t be happier! Nash is a calm and cool baby with a soft smile and playful gaze.  It wasn’t hard at all to capture his essence! Like most one year olds who are sometimes hard to catch because they are […]

We want to bring you familiar faces on our blog this week with the addition of a new member to the Becker family.  We’ve been with Jenny and Mark since their wedding up to the birth of their daughter, Evelyn, and now we are so happy to meet their son, Lucas! We spent some time […]

Little miss Ariana Rose entered the world on August 3rd and graced her parents and the world with a cute little face to adore.  A few short days later, we were lucky enough to meet her and photograph some of her very first portraits!  She was an angel during her session and sure knows how […]

Nathaniel is the sweetest and quietest baby we’ve taken photos of so far and we know he gets those qualities from his dad, Rando, who is also a man of a few words but when he does speak, he means business!  Nathaniel’s mom, Samantha, is a well-spoken Chicago public school teacher so we are curious […]

We can’t believe it’s been one year since Sloane was brought into this world. It seemed like it was only yesterday when we did her newborn photos. How do babies grow so quickly?! She’s a completely different little person now – full of cute facial expressions, able to let us know how old she is, […]

We visited baby Oliver a week after he was born at his lovely home in Andersonville. His parents, Michele and Grahame, were excited for us to capture fresh moments with their newborn.  When we arrived, Michele was feeding Oliver and told us stories of the day he was born. It was exciting to hear about […]

This little angel had her 6 month portraits taken a couple of months ago.  We have known Daphne since she was born and we can’t believe how much she has grown in a few short months!  Her cute little cheeks and her infectious smile make it easy to want to hang out with her all […]








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