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We recently photographed one of the cutest birthday parties imaginable!  The guest of honor, Katniss, loves the Disney character Moana, so it was no surprise that her 3rd birthday party was celebrated with a luau theme and the movie in mind!  The party took place at her family’s bakery, Sweety Pies, in Skokie, IL where […]

There really is nothing more refreshing than photographing a newborn baby.  So new to the world, every movement they make is a brand new adventure for them.  No matter if they are peacefully asleep, trying to keep their tiny little eyes open or in tears over who knows what, it is pure entertainment to watch this […]

How adorable is that Barbie cake?!  It basically lives out all of my childhood dreams!  That being said, we recently photographed Poppy’s 3rd birthday party at Mr. Dave Music and it was all kinds of adorable! From the glittery “happy birthday, poppy” sign, to the cookies decorated with icing in the shape of donuts, cupcakes and […]

How cute is this family? We’ve had the pleasure of photographing them from the beginning, when Meredith and Andy got married a few years back.  We’ve had such a great time watching their son Davis grow from a newborn and this session was by far the most fun!  In the past we’ve made home visits […]

A few weeks ago we shared one of our past wedding clients and their newborn baby, and today, we’re sharing another past clients’ baby!  We remembered from her parents’ engagement session how much they adored children, so we were so so excited to hear that their daughter, Julia, was about to turn 6 months old! […]

When a wedding planner is planning her daughter’s 4rd birthday party, you can only expect that every detail will be on point.  Let me tell you, Amy of Antique Bridal Events knocked her daughter’s flamingo party out of the park!  I knew from the moment she contacted us to photograph the party that it was […]

One of our proudest moments is when we hear the news that our wedding clients’ families have started to grow!  When they ask us to photograph their new bundle of joy, you can only imagine how excited we are to not only meet the new little one, but to also continue to capture their love […]

A handsome little boy named Nash celebrated his first birthday with us last weekend and we couldn’t be happier! Nash is a calm and cool baby with a soft smile and playful gaze.  It wasn’t hard at all to capture his essence! Like most one year olds who are sometimes hard to catch because they are […]

When it comes to a family that owns their own bakery, you can probably imagine that any gathering that they are a part of will be filled with delicious treats. But, when there’s a milestone birthday at hand you can bet that you will walk into the party and it will seem like you actually […]

We can’t believe it’s been one year since Sloane was brought into this world. It seemed like it was only yesterday when we did her newborn photos. How do babies grow so quickly?! She’s a completely different little person now – full of cute facial expressions, able to let us know how old she is, […]








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