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If you follow along with us on Instagram (and if you don’t already, you should!), you will remember one of our recent posts that I finally hung a cute plant that K gave me for my birthday in June.  Yes, it took nearly 2 months to do it.  Oops.  It’s been busy around here!  We […]

Today’s post makes us so giddy inside that we’re not sure how to spill it!  As you may or may not know, aside from photography we also have an online shop that features handmade paper products!  Our shop, Collections by K+B was created one winter on a whim, and we’ve been slowly building and changing […]

If you’re engaged and counting down the days until you finally get to marry the love of your life, we are sure that the anticipation is building and you just can not wait for the big day.  The good news is we have a fun, but simple little project to help you keep track of just […]

Today, we’re sharing with you a quick and easy treat to make yourself when you are having a sweet tooth or just feel like indulging in something sweet, tangy, and crunchy! We’re not ashamed of it here at K+B,  we are suckers for sweets and it’s hard to stay away from so many goodies like […]

Happy Monday! We know Mondays are tough to beat for most people but for us who often have shoots on the weekends, Mondays are when we slow down and unwind a little bit and catch up on some emails.  A few years ago, we both discovered that we had a love and knack for crafting. […]

Why does it seem like more than any other time of year, the holiday season is the best time to craft?!  It is no secret that we love handmade goods and we’re always in search of learning how to make new things but, there is something about the holidays that brings out our interest in […]

The holiday season is rapidly approaching.  We’re still wondering where the year went and how December is already nearly half over.  The snow we’ve gotten this past weekend has helped us ease into the realization that the holidays really are just around the corner.  The snow has really helped get us into the holiday spirit, […]

Did you know that in addition to being photographers, we also operate an etsy shop?  As it turns out, once we put our cameras down for the day our hands still crave a creative challenge!  We decided that the best way to incorporate our past time and love for crafting with what we photograph on […]

Here at K+B Photography, we are always looking to keep a professional image without sacrificing style or breaking the bank in the process.  That being said, a lot of photography gear and the accessories that go along with it isn’t necessarily the most fashion forward.  These days, more companies are popping up with products geared […]








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