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How cute is this family? We’ve had the pleasure of photographing them from the beginning, when Meredith and Andy got married a few years back.  We’ve had such a great time watching their son Davis grow from a newborn and this session was by far the most fun!  In the past we’ve made home visits […]

A few weeks ago we shared one of our past wedding clients and their newborn baby, and today, we’re sharing another past clients’ baby!  We remembered from her parents’ engagement session how much they adored children, so we were so so excited to hear that their daughter, Julia, was about to turn 6 months old! […]

When it comes to a family that owns their own bakery, you can probably imagine that any gathering that they are a part of will be filled with delicious treats. But, when there’s a milestone birthday at hand you can bet that you will walk into the party and it will seem like you actually […]

We visited baby Oliver a week after he was born at his lovely home in Andersonville. His parents, Michele and Grahame, were excited for us to capture fresh moments with their newborn.  When we arrived, Michele was feeding Oliver and told us stories of the day he was born. It was exciting to hear about […]

We were able to join this happy couple on a warm day outdoors last month for their maternity session. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to shoot outside and the expecting couple, Michele and Grahame, were also excited for us to capture some moments with their bundle of joy! We spent the day in […]

We recently ventured outside of Chicago for a fun filled day trip in Milwaukee.  It was a rainy day in January, something we’ve become accustomed to this winter, but we will take the rain any day because it made traveling there a breeze.  Our first stop was at the Michell Park Horticultural Conservatory, where we […]

Meet Will, Gemini, Thea, Gabriel, and Zooey! We’ve been photographing the Tamondong family for years now and it’s been so fun seeing them grow in size and age!  The kids are getting so much bigger and we are happy to see the youngest, Zooey, feel more comfortable in front of the camera and give us her […]

Terry and Ali Park are long time friends and clients of K+B but baby Louis is fairly new to being in front of the camera, being that he is only 10 months old during this photo session at Arrigo Park. It was a chilly, Autumn day and Louis was just recovering from a cold but […]

We couldn’t be more excited to share this family session we photographed this fall.  This year we were so fortunate to have had a beautiful autumn season, and we are so happy that we were able to meet the Agaton family at Arrigo Park in Chicago for their session. When the family arrived, we were […]

One of our favorite families to photograph is the Mercado family.  Each year we enjoy hanging out with them more and more!  It is just so fun to watch little ones grow and we never stop being amazed at how much someone can grow in a year! This year we met the Mercado family at […]








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